viernes, 24 de noviembre de 2006

Si Mi Sol fuera un Fa menor

This misery shows up my rage.
I´m just alone, so don´t walk away.
I feel so dirty inside my mind.
There´re flowers but there´s nothing between you and I.

Now that I miss you like cazy.
Now that I´m weak and lazy without you.
Who´s gonna save me?
Who´s gonna tell me the truth?
´Coz sadness makes me take more drugs.
This love is writeen all over my heart.
Between this pain we are so lost.
Don´t leave me away,
Just tell me “who do you love?”

I hope it´s just another phase.
And this frustration makes me have some faith.
I can not get ya if you don´t quit this game.
So, listen at what I play.

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